We offer the following

services and facilities //


  • Coordination of flight plan.

  • Analysis of routes and airports.

  • Navigation charts.

  • Notams and Meteorology.

  • Permit application to the competent authorities.

  • Request overflight and landing permits in various countries.

  • Request for advance or overtime services in domestic airports.

  • Coordination of customs and immigration.

  • Coordination of services at destination airports.

  • Fuel management.

  • Management handling.   

  • Book hotels and rental vehicles.

  • Pax and crew transport coordination.

  • Luggage handling.

  • Use of FBO lounge for meetings.

  • Catering Management.

  • Rest room for crews.

  • Wastewater change.

  • Trailer and movements platform.

  • Aircraft washing.

  • Polish aircraft.

  • Security.

  • Private vehicular parking.