Airbusiness FBO

The experience begins with us before flying and does not end upon landing //

Airbusiness FBO offers excellent service to passengers, crew and aircraft before and after the flight. Experience in ground handling services and Flight Dispatch makes us your best choice.




Providing quality service for the benefit of our customers, offering the speed, efficiency and security that they demand. We have full aeronautical knowledge to take any challenge, using technology to our advantage flying at maximum height.




To become the leader in the air transportation business. Being a leader means being an example for competitors, exceeding customer expectations and making every event a pleasure.



•Agility / Flexibility: We are able to respond and propose new ideas and solutions.

•Security / Trust: We are a solid, safe and ethical company. We offer quality and reliability with total privacy and maximum transparency.

•Customization: We design every detail to offer an exclusive service. To Airbusiness FBO, every client is unique, reason enough to strive.  

Social Responsibility: We are a company committed to the environment, so our policies are always attached to the care of the same.